CRUISN BLAST | SWITCH: Nintendo Switch
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Cruis’nmakes its triumphant return to consoles with Cruis’nBlast! Cruis’nfirst hit arcades in 1994 with Cruis’nUSA, set sales records, and was followed by Cruis’nWorld and Cruis’nExotic to quickly became one of the best-grossing arcade racing series in history. The racing classic hasn’t seen a new console entry for more than a decade, but the 2017 arcade hit Cruis’nBlast is finally bringing the series back into the home on Nintendo Switch!

Gameplay Overview:The conversion from arcade to Switch was handled by the original game team led by Cruis’ncreator Eugene Jarvis, the iconic game developer and creator behind titles like Robotron, Defender, and many other trendsetting arcade classics. In Cruis’nBlast, you choose between 24 different cars to race across 29 different tracks across 6 cups, vying for first

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