Your personal information helps us serve you better.
Certain information is collected from visitors to Microplay Websites so that we can study their behaviors and preferences and develop or improve upon our products and offers, or create new ones. 

We only collect essential information.
With regard to customers' personal information, we only collect what is strictly necessary in order to provide customers with our products and services. Personal information is collected with the consent of our customers. 

We do not share your personal information with anyone.
We do not sell or share any of our subscribers' personal information to outside organizations.

Only organizations acting as Microplay agents are authorized to use your personal information where necessary in order to provide you with our products and services.

Our representatives are subject to confidentiality agreements and cannot share any of your personal information with anyone without having first obtained your express consent.

We retain personal information only as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.
Microplay only retains its customers' personal information for as long as it is needed, or as determined by law.

Subsequently, your information will be destroyed or "anonymized," meaning that only basic statistical data that cannot possibly be traced back to you will be retained.

Your personal information will never be reused for any purpose that is not specified in our Policies without your prior express consent.

Your personal information is protected against data theft and prying eyes.
Microplay is the sole party that retains your information. Your information is kept in databases subject to strict monitoring procedures and protected by regularly updated security technology.

Microplay agents can only access the databases for specific purposes in connection with their assignments and are obligated to comply with our security procedures and confidentiality requirements.

Your consent is crucial.
Microplay and its representatives always ask for customers' authorization before collecting, using, or sharing their personal data, except in exceptional circumstances or as required by law.

Examples of such circumstances include emergencies in which your life, health, or safety may be at risk.

Other circumstances may be legal in nature, such as actions taken to fulfill our statutory obligations, collect debt, or comply with a subpoena, warrant, or other court order.

We provide a safe browsing environment on our Website.
Microplay maintains a safe browsing environment on its Website. Your personal information is protected by secure encryption technology to ensure the safe transmission of data whenever you subscribe to a service or carry out any other transaction on our Site.

You may be asked to provide personal information in order to participate in a contest on our Website. This information may be shared with our contest partners, who may subsequently contact you. However, you will always have the option of refusing to allow contest partners to contact you.

Like most commercial Websites, the Microplay Site use cookies and web beacons. These tools allow us to recognize your device and browser in order to memorize your preferences for your next visit to our Website. Microplay may also use cookies or web beacons to display ads and offers that reflect your preferences on the websites of its partners.

These cookies and web beacons cannot access your device or collect any personal information other than that which you provide voluntarily during your visit to our Site.  

 Transparency report.

Microplay attaches great importance to safeguarding its customers’ privacy. However, it is sometimes required to provide the authorities with information under a court order, in an emergency situation, or because the requesting authority has the power to compel disclosure. 


Contact Microplay Customer Service for further inquiries about our practices with regard to protecting your personal information.