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Introducing the Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit, designed for the whole family to enjoy hours of racing fun. Whether you’re training for competitive go-karting events or creating exciting family race days, this cockpit is built to accommodate it all. This versatile cockpit is perfect for children and adults alike, offering a thrilling racing experience for all ages. With adjustable seat angle, seat distance slider, and pedal distance knobs, choose from Go Kart positioning to GT-style racing. Its compact footprint and versatile design make it perfect for family bonding and competitive training. Get ready to experience the joy of racing together with the Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit.

Unleash the thrill of sim racing for the entire family with the Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit. Engineered to accommodate both children and adults, its ergonomic design replicates the authentic Go Karting position, ensuring comfort and immersion for racers of varying heights from 110-200 cm and body types. The Go Kart Plus cockpit configuration can be used for a wide range of racing game titles. The custom-designed Go Kart style seat, complete with a premium fabric cover, enhances the racing experience while providing easy cleaning options for parents. Equipped with the Next Level Racing® Lockable Castor wheels, the Go Kart Plus can effortlessly move between rooms for convenient storage when not in use.

BUILT FOR TRAINING Attain a training advantage that the Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit provides. With its compatibility with Next Level Racing® Motion Plus Platform and Traction Plus Platform*, you can experience a new dimension of racing realism that aids in honing your skills. The cockpit's sturdy construction can withstand high-end load cell and hydraulic pedals, ensuring that your training sessions are as rigorous as your competition. Whether you're perfecting your racing lines or practicing flawless overtakes, the Go Kart Plus cockpit is your dedicated training partner, helping you push your limits and emerge as a racing champion. *Requires Go Kart Plus Motion Adaptor Kit

BUILT FOR PERSONALIZATION The Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit is more than a racing setup – it's a platform for personalization. Its iconic design, inspired by Go Kart racing, becomes uniquely yours with the included Go Kart Plus bumper kit and sticker pack. Add your race numbers and letters for that personalized touch. Expand your racing universe with accessories like Go Kart Plus Direct Monitor Mounts* and Go Kart Plus Motion Adaptor Kit* for motion adaptivity, seamlessly enhancing your setup. *Purchased separately.

BUILT FOR SIM RACING Elevate your sim racing journey with the Next Level Racing® Go Kart Plus cockpit. Tailored to replicate true Go Karting, this cockpit offers an unmatched experience for enthusiasts seeking authenticity. A cockpit that can also be used for popular sim racing gaming titles. The height and angle-adjustable centre steering wheel pole, along with the quick-angle and horizontal adjustable pedal plate, ensure that you find the perfect configuration for your racing style. Compatible with a wide range of steering wheel setups, from entry-level to direct drive wheels up to 13 NM, this cockpit is designed to unleash your racing potential. With adjustable angle and distance for the seat, wheel, and pedal positions, you can choose from Go Kart to GT-style racing, making it perfect for competitive training sessions or friendly family competitions.

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